Supporting nonprofit organizations and staff in building operational
and personal resilience during challenging times.

The Resilience Initiative is an 18-month initiative  established in December 2017 as a project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors.  The Initiative is supported through a grant from the Packard Foundation, and participation is by invitation only. 

Organizations’ long-term health and impact depends on their resilience now – their ability to respond and adapt to challenging and unforeseen circumstance, to stay strong and bounce back from adversity, and to seize opportunity. 

The Initiative’s focus is to help organizations build operational resilience and bolster the personal resilience of their staff as they adapt to the volatility and uncertainty of the current political and media environment. Over 18 months, the Resilience Initiative will pilot the design and delivery of a range of supports, including grants, trainings, resource referrals, peer support options, and consulting to help organizations address: 

  • New or heightened operational resilience needs such as digital security, crisis communications, communications strategy, risk and reputation management, real-time strategy, attention to racial equity and inclusion, HR and financial risk management; and new opportunities including maximizing and mobilizing increased volunteer and supporter interest and engagement; and

  • New or heightened personal resilience needs that could benefit from access to coaching, training and other resources to help organizations develop strategies to ensure the long-term wellness and resilience of staff teams as they manage stress, extra workloads, and personal pressure and challenges.

We look forward to sharing more about what we are learning from this work as the Initiative progresses.  Invited organizations should login for more information, resources and funding opportunities

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